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    Archived pages: 102 . Archive date: 2014-10.

  • Title: Ergofém - Bemutatkozás
    Descriptive info: .. Bemutatkozás.. Cégtörténet.. Minőségi politika és küldetés.. Kapcsolat.. Referenciák.. Irattári, levéltári, könyvtári polcrendszerek.. Ajánlatkérés.. Géppark.. Termékek.. Irattári polcrendszerek.. Fix állványos.. Gördülő állványos.. Kazánok.. ErgoTherm vegyes tüzelésű kazán.. ThermoCelsius gázkazán.. ErgoTherm Bio Kazán.. Megfelelőségi tanúsítvány.. Tevékenység.. Lemezmegmunkálás.. CNC lézeres lemezvágás.. CNC élhajlítás.. Fémfelület kezelés.. Szemcseszórás.. Elektrosztatikus pórszórás.. Gyártás.. Szolgáltatás.. ELÉRHETŐSÉGEINK.. 5661 Újkígyós, Eperjes u.. 2.. Tel.. : +36-66-554-040.. Fax.. :+36-66-554-041.. Email.. :.. GPS coordináta:.. N 46.. 57140 E 21.. 02747.. Tovább.. Impresszum..

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  • Title: Ergofém - About us
    Descriptive info: About us.. Company History.. Quality Policy and Mission Statement.. Contact.. References.. Shelving systems for State Archives, State Records and Libraries.. Request for Quotation.. Equipment.. Products.. Shelving systems for archives.. Fixed Shelvings.. Rolling shelvings.. Furnances.. Ergotherm solid fuel furnace.. ThermoCelsius Gas Furnances.. ErgoTherm Bio.. Certificates.. Scope of activities.. Sheet metal fabrication.. CNC Laser sheet metal cutting.. Surface treatment.. Particle blasting.. Electrostatic powder coating.. Manufacturing.. Services provided.. Contact Details.. Eperjes Str 2,H-5661,Újkígyós.. tel: +36 66 554 040.. fax: +36 66 554 041.. GPS coordinates:.. About us.. More.. Impressum..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Company History
    Descriptive info: Company History.. 1992.. Ergomat Bt (Ergomat Limited Liability Company) was founded.. The main activities were the manufacturing and whole sale of washing machine and centrifuge components.. 1993.. Purchasing the current plant with.. 6.. 623m.. 2.. of commercial/manufacturing area.. 1995.. Opening of the electrostatic powder paint plant.. 2001.. Opening of the CNC laser cutting plant (EU tender).. 2003.. Launching the web page (EU tender).. 2004.. Commisioning of a CNC lathe (investment from the company s own resources).. 2005.. Purchasing of NC edge bending machine (EU tender)..  ...   of employees reaches 30.. 2009.. Purchasing the rights to manufacture shelving systems for archives and libraries, as a result of which we became part of such great state-investments as the Békés County Records, Békés Branch (among others).. 2010.. We changed the company form to Limited.. Entering the field Government founded investments.. 2011.. After the continuously developing company was split, we became ERGOFÉM ltd, and we continue our metal working activities.. We continue to have all the necessary technologies to remain a representative figure in the market..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Quality Policy and Mission Statement
    Descriptive info: Quality Policy.. Focus on customer satisfaction.. Our company takes upon itself to conduct its activities considering all aspects of customer demands.. All accepted orders are completed taking into account the quality, quantity and due date expressed by the customer, all in the mane of customer satisfaction.. Based on these  ...   Management Systems, and introduction of new processes.. Sending our employees to extension courses, Enhancing the work culture.. Continuous technical development.. Further application of the ISO 9001:2000.. We implemented the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2005, which is a tool that greatly contributes to the successes of the company.. Download Certificate..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact.. ERGOFÉM Manufacturing and Service Provider Ltd.. 5661, Újkígyós Eperjes utca 2.. nagyobb térképen való megjelenítése..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Shelving systems for State Archives, State Records and Libraries
    Descriptive info: References.. Békés Branch State Records 2009-2010.. Corvinus University Budapest Library 2010.. University of Seged Library 2010.. MNB Logistic Headquarter Records 2011.. Újkígyós Town Marketplace 2011..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Request for Quotation
    Descriptive info: Request for quotation.. Name:.. E-mail:.. Phone:.. Comment:.. Send..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Equipment
    Descriptive info: Equipment.. under construction..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Shelving systems for archives
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  • Title: Ergofém - Fixed Shelvings
    Descriptive info: Fixed shelvings.. Throughout the manufacturing processes of the system components we kept taking advantage of the experience we gathered and the metal working knowhow we build up over the last decade.. This product which is supreme from technical and application technology point of view is the result of the experience and knowhow.. This product  ...   appropriate load bearing, competitive pricing.. The height of the shelves can be adjusted according to each requirement.. The side plates of the metal structured shelves may have wainscoting, which gives the shelves the furniture like appearance, thus satisfying the even the aesthetic requirements.. This is very useful when designing and building shelving for libraries..

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  • Title: Ergofém - Rolling shelvings
    Descriptive info: Rolling shelvings.. GSZ.. 1.. type rolling shelving for archives/records.. This product is very respected by the customers due to the 20 years of manufacturing experience and the continuous improvements we ve implemented over these years.. The system is capable of holding large quantities of files in an organized manner allowing an easy access and allowing them to be moved easily.. When building the system we take into account the customized requirements, since we have to apply custom sizes due to the different spaces the shelving systems are built into.. System components.. Rails.. One cabinet has 4 rails.. The bottom plate is bolted to the ground.. The cabinet slides on a 16 x 16 mm square steel welded to the bottom plate which is tied to the anti-trip device.. This device aids the loading and unloading of the cabinet content.. Under-carriage.. The Under-carriage slides on 4 pairs of wheels on the rails fastened to the floor.. The shelf is driven by a manual wheel.. By turning the wheel you also drive the 2 x 4 wheels on the rail that  ...   cabinet in every position in order to avoid accidents.. Shelving.. Each of the posts fastened to the undercarriage consists of 4 pcs of perforated parts.. The shelves sit on holders made of flat steel wich connect to the perforated plate through welded stud.. The shelves have brace plates to achieve the 100 kg load bearing.. The distance between shelves can be adjusted with 25 mm increments, depending on objects to be stored on the shelves.. The edges and the top of the cabinets as well as the drive-chain are covered with sheet metal.. The label holders placed onto each cabinet makes it very easy to organize the files in the cabinets and the documents will be easy to find after they ve been filed.. There are rolling guides mounted to the top of the multi layered cabinets, which stop the cabinets from tipping over.. Each cabinet has 4 bumper stops which don t allow the cabinets to be mechanically damaged.. The surface of the shelving systems is treated with electrostatic powder coating.. The products have KERMI quality certification.. Megfelelősségi tanusítvány..

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    Archived pages: 102